World Class Information Technology Systems Design and Integration

Cutting edge cloud and virtual solutions. Storage and infrastructure networks. Always on, always up application and database server environments. We can design, implement, and support these for you.

Fortune 100-tier Information Security expertise at an affordable price, on demand, for small businesses

Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. We will make sure your business is operating safely and securely, for both your sake and your customers’.

IT Management, Efficiency, Automation and Business Process Streamlining

Every company can use a guardian angel, or a guiding hand. Let Sulium be your part time Technology Officer and take the headache and guesswork out of making technology work for you.

About Us

Our company is founded on security, stability, and a deep love of technology.

We know security is important – that’s why we don’t bolt it on after our projects are already finished; it’s baked in from the very start. Sulium was started with the goal of providing security and security-first engineering services to companies that realize the digital landscape is not as safe as everyone thought it was. With over 20 years of large-enterprise server engineering and information security experience, Sulium’s leadership is ready to help your business safely take advantage of what today’s bleeding edge technology has to offer.

we can make your business do wonderful things. contact us to find out how!

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