Sulium Appoints Virtual Social Media Manager to run Facebook Page for Privacy Reasons

A few years ago I became alarmed at the rate at which Facebook was gathering and mining data on each and every one of its users. It not only knows the information that we choose to give it, but it gathers information that it observes about us: when we use it, who we use it with, how we use it at different times, things of that nature. All of those little bits of extraneous data on their own are meaningless but when gathered together with all sorts of other meaningless bits of information about us, can be used with pretty amazing accuracy to infer a fairly meaningful picture about our daily lives and the networks of people we interact with.

The short version of it is, I don’t trust Facebook with my information. I’ve deleted my personal Facebook account a few years ago, and I just recently deleted one I created under a pseudonym (also for privacy reasons). Had I not created a business that requires advertising to acquire new customers, I would never do business with Facebook again.

But here we are.

So let me introduce you to Hunter Steele, our Virtual Social Medial Manager. He pseudo-exists solely to manage our Facebook and Twitter feeds right now. And to pass butter.

To learn more about the evil that Facebook does, and how you can protect your online privacy, read Richard Stallman’s collection of anti-Facebook articles at his site.

To learn more about safeguarding your personal information by limiting physical and electronic data leakage, please contact Sulium, LLC to schedule an appointment.

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