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Information Security – Sulium, LLC

information security & digital privacy

Any company doing business today would be remiss without proper information security policies and procedures that dictate the proper uses of that company’s electronic resources, intellectual property, and its customers payment information and personally identifiably information. Customers are becoming more and more privacy focused and are beginning to hold their vendors accountable for information leaks and recklessly storing their confidential data.

Sulium can ensure that your company is not left vulnerable to hackers, malware, insider threats, or carelessly stored information. Through careful analysis of your company’s business practices and audits of your internal and external networks we can provide you with accurate exposure analysis and threat assessments, remediation plans, and staff training classes to make sure your company isn’t the next one in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Reliable & safe

Industry-Coveted Certifications

Sulium’s cybersecurity experts mainain industry-respected security certifications, and must maintain continuing education credits to maintain them – that means they are up-to-date on the latest threats, vulnerabilities, attack vectors, and scams.

We're insured!

We’re fully insured for liability. Just in case!

Whole-Organization Risk Profile

We won’t just scan your network and poke at your application. We will provide a full organization risk profile that can show just how vulnerable your organization may be to targeted sophisticated attacks like spear phishing.

Financial and DOD Experience

We have experience securing¬†heavy duty stuff. Sulium’s approach to security can be described as “paranoid mode by default.”

Policies and Procedures

We’ll do the boring stuff, too. You’ll need rock solid policies and procedures to make sure that your company operates soundly and securely – and that any legal actions you may need to take can be actionable; from terminating employees to setting acceptable equipment use policies we can write them.