Systems Architecture and Engineering

servers, virtual servers, and cloud computing

We’re used to seeing it all. Bare metal, big iron, custom hardware – we’ve been asked to fix it, or make it work with other products. If it uses electricity it can probably be done.

Sulium’s engineers are current on both industry standard as well as emerging technologies, and have decades of experience building both infrastructure as well as application architectures in physical datacenters as well as cloud environments.

system architecture and engineering

Experienced Systems Engineers and Integrators

We have been building highly available systems that have been designed to always run for over 20 years. We will build them on your premises, in the cloud, or both, to your specifications. Don’t have specifications? We’ll spec them for you, too.

We Know App and Database Server Architecture

Internet-enabled and/or database driven apps require a delicate balance of technology and security. We have decades of experience bringing these things online safely and securely, and ensuring they run continuously for an uninterrupted revenue stream.

Systems and Application Health Monitoring

From simple website or service monitoring to full-enterprise health and statistics trends, we’ve done it on multiple products and we’ll do it for you, too. Gain useful insight into what your organization is doing, and where resources can be reallocated!