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Hunter SteeleVirtual Social Media Manager

Tehnology concept: Happy selfie. Handsome young man  holding camera and making selfie and smiling.
areas of expertise
  • Blogging
  • Facebooking
  • Engaging
  • Tweeting
  • Vining (deprecated)
  • Instagramming
previous employers
  • none

Hunter was originally created to be a proxy to interface with Facebook – a necessary evil of doing business today. By choosing to give Facebook our real names and let it monitor our behavior and our associates, we allow it to compile frightening amounts of demographic and behavioral data on us that can be mined for some very surprising information.

I’ve destroyed my original Facebook account years ago, and recently destroyed my fake Facebook account, however having started a business that requires getting my company’s information in front of as many eyes as possible requires me to once again dance with the beast, however I’m doing it on my terms, and I’m not giving Facebook any of my information.

For more information on exactly what kind of bad things Facebook does with the information it gathers, check out Richard Stallman’s page entitled, “Reasons not to use (be used by) Facebook” in which he illustrates how Facebook is equivalent to mass surveillance on a frightening, albeit wholly voluntary, scale.

– Shane Blaufuss, CISSP
Sulium, LLC

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